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tavern menu

Welcome home.

Friday 7pm PST/10pm EST
Plot 38, 15th Ward, Mists (small) [Balmung]

From the futo-maki rolls, to the limsan paella, our tavern offers a wide range of drinks and delicacies from across the realm with the vision that our name encompasses, home.

Come sit in our lounge chairs and enjoy a fine cooked meal or gather at the bar and trade stories with friends. Is there something special we can make for you? Simply ask. Our friendly staff will do our best to accommodate your request. Of course, all transactions will be done in character, but should you wish, any gil would be strictly for donation towards our expansion.

We look forward to seeing you!


dzo-filled buuz

Small steamed dumplings filled with ground dzo meat, seasoned with a variety of spices that only serve to enhance the savory taste of the dzo meat. Comes with 9 buuz.

fish stew

A salty broth made with clam juice and fish stock containing seaweed, green onions, shrimp, scallops, and the daily market fish. A common dish in Far Eastern coastal settlements.


Miq'abobs of both varieties for Seekers of the Sun and Keepers of the Moon. One is made with tuna and mushrooms, and the other is made of tender dodo meat and ripe ruby tomatoes on a stick - both roasted to perfection. Comes with 3 of your choice.


futo-maki roll

Crisp dried seaweed and sweet vinegared rice rolled around a smorgasbord of sweet and savory fillings. Thought to bring fortune ...or at least end hunger.

the limsan paella

A warm, aromatic, and colorful saffron-infused rice dish loaded with fresh Limsan-caught mussels, clams, shrimp, and chorizo. Comes in mild and spicy.

Feeling spicy? Hit a /random roll to see how spicy it is! The higher the roll, the spicier it is. (You're all great RPers, I'm sure you know your character's tolerance to spice).

creamy popoto au gratin

The creamy cheese sauce and the tender popotoes in this classic Ul'dahn dish combine to make something deliciously addictive!


A popular dish from the Golmorran Jungle and southern Dalmasca. Consists of chicken, rice, olives, hard-boiled egg and turmeric all tightly wrapped in banana leaves, left to boil. Served with biscuits.

market meat slab

Literally a giant slab of meat. Dzo, Dhalmel, Shark, etc. Whatever is in stock in the market for that day. Seasonally varies.


gridanian nut pie

A large pie slice made with flaky pie crust, butter, maple syrup, a touch of cinnamon and a variety of fresh Gridanian chestnuts and walnuts.


Whisked eggs mixed with fish broth, meats, and seasonal vegetables, then steamed until hardened into a savory and delicious pudding. A favorite in Gyr Abania, often made with Gagana eggs but any eggs can be substituted.

lahabread à la king

Three soft buttermilk buns freshly-baked with organic walnut pieces; topped with locally grown blood currant berries plucked at pristine ripeness. A generous glaze of sweet cream icing accented carefully with ground fire and wind crystals; this hand-crafted dessert is guaranteed to make you feel like royalty and goes best with coffee, tea, or milk.

Submitted by Leilani Makina & Nyssi Reyeus.


the manan malaguld surprise

Its something Manan threw together when the customer asked her to surprise them. They "liked" it. But the speed at which they left and the retching sounds that came from outside suggest they were just being polite. It is techinically made of food, but calling it food is a long shot.


heavenly honey lemonade

An incomparably refreshing blend of juices from honey lemons and heavens lemons with an added bit of honey for a sweeter taste.

buckwheat tea

A dark nutty infusion made from steeping buckwheat kernels in boiling water. A Gyr Abanian classic.

doman tea

An after-supper beverage naturally sweetened with dried persimmons flavored with cinnamon and ginger. Widely popular in the Far East.

masala chai

The Coerthan tea leaves may provide the base, but it's cinnamon and Amber cloves that add the signature sweet and aromatic flavor to this traditional beverage.


the mint-matcha sparkler

A delicious lime, mint, and matcha flavored combination to put a refreshing pep in your step. Made with rum.

the grogg slogg

A strong alcoholic drink made with blood oranges, cloud bananas, prickly pineapples and a blended rum.

Submitted by Hogan.

the dreadwyrm

Fiery death in a glass. Literally prepared in a shot glass and then ignited on fire. Vodka Spirytus, 96% Alcohol by volume.

the shocking carbuncles

A drink that is bound to give you the "buzz" that you are looking for. Made with vodka, tequila, rum, gin and poured over chilled lightning shards. Comes in Emerald (Blue Citrus), Topaz (Lemon), Amber (Apricot), Ruby (Rolanberry), Obsidian (Grape), Onyx (Blackberry), Moonstone (Coconut).


the manan malaguld special

It is a combination of whiskey and buffalo milk that has been curdled. Within the drink is a variety and random assortment of spices to give it more "flavor." Generally speaking it tastes terrible - but it gets the job done.